‘Happily ever after’ stories

A few extracts from our
friends in the media...

‘Golden Goose has helped me on numerous occasions to scoop the competition. I use them not only to aid me with the practical elements of stories I’m writing, but also as a sounding board – generating leads and ultimately more stories in the process.’

Hugo Greenhalgh, Special Reports Editor, Financial Times

‘Golden Goose PR is an absolutely brilliant agency – definitely one of the best I’ve worked with. They’re passionate about their clients, they constantly feed me great stories, and they’ve always been lovely to work with.’

Maria Lally, Contributing Editor, Grazia

‘Golden Goose PR stands head and shoulders above every other PR agency I’ve worked with when it comes to receiving health and fitness information. At Men’s Health I am inundated with approaches from hundreds of PR agencies, but I always have time for Golden Goose. They understand how brands operate in a crowded and complex market. They are always contactable, friendly and understanding of deadlines. They do not inundate with press releases, but the communication I do receive is of the highest standard.’

Dan Jones, Columnist, Evening Standard, Men’s Health

‘I’ve always found the good, good people of Golden Goose PR a pleasure to deal with, speak to and hear from – friendly, fun, lively and imaginative… They always present us with great ideas, never call when we are on deadline and always provide great news stories for Metro.’

Aiden Radnedge, Senior News Reporter, Metro

…and a few from our clients:

‘Golden Goose PR’s idea transformed Sea Containers into the most talked about building on the Thames during the biggest Royal celebration since the Coronation. This was a history making campaign, which people have seen all over the world.’

JJ Offer, Asset Manager for Sea Containers

‘The Golden Goose team are creative, very very good at their job and fun to work with.’

Brendon Gore, Former Head of European PR, Samsung

‘Outstanding creative brilliantly executed and with a lasting positive commercial impact.’

Matt Peacock, Group Communications Director, Vodafone

‘During my ‘Journey to 2012’ fundraiser for the PSP Association, Golden Goose PR impressed me with their hard work and professionalism. The publicity they generated for the charity before and after the event exceeded our expectations.’

Lord Coe, Chairman of the British Olympic Association