October 17, 2011

£10 for a cupcake?

Last week shoppers at Spitalfields market were shocked when food prices soared 800%.

Were the £10 cupcakes and £2.50 apples covered in gold?


This was the UK’s first Food Insecurity Market hosted by TV broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli and the British Red Cross (with a little help from Golden Goose PR) to highlight the cost of living in developing countries.

Food insecurity is the term used to describe the issues behind lack of food or poor nutrition. Factors range from drought and floods to unemployment and conflict. As a result, families in some countries are forced to spend 50 – 80 % of their income on buying enough food to live.

Can you imagine spending £15 on your morning coffee? In some countries these kind of prices are a reality.

Our Food Insecurity Market gave visitors a rare glimpse of life in a food insecure countries where these prices are a reality.

We also worked with the talented team at Contented Brothers to create a video on the day.

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