January 27, 2009

Putting Away The Bling

It’s all about inconspicuous consumption in the Goose Nest these days. We’re all about freecycling, recycling and curbing gratuitous displays of bling. And it seems we’re on the money as far as Celia Walden is concerned. In her fashion and jewellery feature in Saturday’s Telegraph, it appears that modesty really is the new bling. This is exactly what our jewellery client, Robinson Pelham is all about: beautifully crafted heritage pieces that are designed for generations of wear.

Creative director and co-founder of Robinson Pelham, Zoe Benyon, is quoted in Celia’s piece. Having just dressed Pearl and Daisy Lowe in antique Robinson Pelham jewellery for Pearl’s recent wedding (congratulations Pearl and Danny!) and dressed Camilla Rutherford and Kelly Rowland for some rather special nights out, Robinson Pelham is fast becoming known as a brand synonimous with tasteful, elegant luxury. They even re-work antique stones and inherited jewels in to modern day pieces, from engagement rings to brooches…

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