January 29, 2010

Many a true word. . .

There’s nothing that makes the Geese smile more than seeing their written word in print, especially when the word in question is one they’ve created themselves. It all started with ‘Totler’. Coined by Miki in 2004, the term described Sloane Street it-tots with members’ club mums and became synonymous with children’s restaurant client Blue Kangaroo, whilst being dropped in Sunday Times Style, Tatler, the Daily Mail and London Tonight.

Second was from Cleo who created the bargainista, a word which Grazia picked up to describe a shopper on the hunt for a discount and which TK Maxx is now using in its advertising campaign.

Laura’s Woods ‘smitching’ (the word to describe having a smoke and a bitch) was reported in Sunday Times Style’s coveted barometer – going up of course – and today, in the Wall Street Journal the latest Goose word ‘transforcations’ was the impetus for an article on holistic holidaying, a trend identified by our retreat client Nubeginnings.

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