July 31, 2011

Business press success

July has been a month of business press success. The artist Natasha Archdale exhibited her first collection of animal portraits, ‘Financial Animals’ at The Royal Exchange in Bank, working in situ for a day to allow financiers and business people in the area to contribute their own cuttings of the FT to the final portrait in her collection: a very cunning looking fox.

Archdale’s incredible giant portraits of the horse and the bull sold before they were even hung. Fortunately the FT managed to get a picture of the bull – along with Archdale’s satirical bear with a picture of the BP explosion located prominently in its nether regions – before its owner insisted upon delivery.

At the opposite end of the city, the exhibition of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and jewellery at Buckingham Palace has brought about a surge of additional interest in our jewellery client Robinson Pelham. GGPR arranged an interview at their studio with Kate Walsh from the Sunday Times which resulted in an incredible piece on brands that blossomed at the royal wedding. We’ve also been working with Reuters this week who came to film the three designers at their studio as news about Robinson Pelham continues to reach countries all over the world.

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