March 4, 2009

Scarlett & Crimson meet Ruby & Millie and Robert Cary-Williams

Scarlett & Crimson, Golden Goose PR’s favourite cartoon rock chicks were out to play over London Fashion Week. To celebrate the new vest collection featured at Coco Ribbon, K J Laundry and The Laden Showrooms which are being sold for charity, the lovely Le Bisou and Raffles team invited all our fashion protagonists to play. Scarlett & Crimson were there in spirit and Ruby Hammer and Millie Kendall came along to celebrate their soon-to-launch make-up collection for the brand. Robert Cary-Williams, who had designed the charity vests for Scarlett & Crimson, hosted. Guests included Bryan Ferry, Patrick Kielty and Sophie Anderton.

Meanwhile, in NYC, our Scarlett & Crimson associate Joey Jalleo has been reporting back with great success…last night he spotted Emily Holt, the EYE editor for Women’s Wear Daily and W Magazine in a S&C Robert Cary-Williams vest (they call them ‘tanks’ over there) at SCUDERIA, the new New York eaterie owned by Leyla Marchetto.

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