October 25, 2009

And of course we had to pop up at the pop-up…

If you’ve been following our pink ribbon activity with Samsung, then you’ll know it didn’t all end with our high tea at the Westfield London.

For three days after the event, Samsung and Inca Productions kept the pink ribbon spirit alive with a pop-up garden and information centre devoted to breast cancer care inside the atrium of the Westfield.

Samsung pink ribbon netbooks were wired up in the garden with breast cancer experts ready to walk women through the pink ribbon community that had been created by Samsung online. Basketfuls of pink ribbon presents were given to visitors to choose from when they made donations and pledges and everyone was served free flower teas and cakes.

An example of a pink ribbon pledge is pictured above. It’s not just about fundraising, it’s about helping to spread the word. Back at Golden Goose HQ, we’ve been busy doing exactly that. Laura Wood posted pink postcards to all of her friends asking them to check their breasts and Miki Haines-Sanger wrote all of her emails in pink on October 15th. Between Laura Hind, Felicity, Remy, Katie and our other ever enthusiastic team members there were gestures of pink underwear wearing, pink cake baking, pink lipgloss wearing and pink ribbon marathon participation but we’ll let you guess who opted to do what!

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