December 3, 2009

Turning 100 with the 100 year olds

You’d think we were busy enough touring the country with Stan and Ollie Snow, but while one half of the Woolies team has been managing our celebrity snowman campaign, the other has been busy creating 8 x 100 birthdays.

Further to appealing for men and women turning 100 in November to come forward and share their celebrations with the Woolworths brand, eight families got in touch with us. Ishbel, Winnie, Isabella, Leonora, John and Rene were a few of them who sent photos and said they would love to have their party thrown by

Each received bags of pick n’ mix for every guest, plus a personalised birthday cake complete with their own photo iced on, as well as party paraphernalia so all their friends and loved ones could have a good time.

All of them shared their memories of the past century with us. From buying their first dolls at the local Woolworths stores, to losing loved ones in the war.

It was a wonderful experience to speak to these special 100 year olds and help them celebrate, thanks to

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