May 6, 2010

A golden egg

Free range Goose Laura Wood has been busy keeping watch on Doris the duck who has been nesting happily by the back door of her home for the past six weeks.

Unfortunately however Mr Fox paid a visit last night and after much commotion headed off with all but one duckling. With Doris (Snr) nowhere to be found and a weeny Doris (Jnr) getting cold after a good half hour left in the nest Laura took the advice of a duck expert and brought the duckling inside. A heat lamp was borrowed and Doris (Jnr) was tucked up for the night in the kitchen.

The following morning Laura was met by a very happy, warm duckling who she carefully placed back in her nest in the hope that Doris (Snr) would return. As soon as she’d turned her back, Doris (Jnr) was in the pond and was soon reunited with not just Mum Doris (Snr) but Dad duck, Doug!

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