July 4, 2011

Financial Animals take over The Royal Exchange

Tonight, Natasha Archdale will host a private view of her new collection, The Financial Animal, at The Royal Exchange in Bank.

Natasha has created an elephant, bull, shark, donkey and other creatures that dominate our financial landscape from thousands of cuttings of global newspapers.

Our favourite is The Bear, representing ‘bear markets’. When a bear fights it swipes down on its opponents with its paws mimicking the downward market trend. Natasha made The Bear out of the Financial Times and if you look closely you will spot images of David Cameron, George Osbourne and the BP explosion.

Natasha is inviting all ardent followers of the stock exchange and City folk to contribute cuttings to The Fox, her final piece in the collection. Do visit her at The Royal Exchange on Thursday 7th July as she completes the final touches.

The Financial Animal exhibition will be on display at The Royal Exchange until Friday 15th July.

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