December 17, 2008

Brief Encounter: The story of David Gandy, the Cartier Polo and the Perfect Pants

Not everyone arrives at the Cartier Polo carrying a pair of white underpants, but that is exactly what our gander, Remy Le Fevre, was tasked to do on the morning of 27th July.

Waddling valiantly across the rolling green fields of Windsor Great Park, tailored to perfection and positively glowing in the blazing sun, Mssr Le Fevre had one mission: to ask the perfect being known as David Gandy to sign a pair of his Dolce & Gabbana smalls.

There was a motive behind this extraordinary challenge: the autographed undergarments would assist GGPR with a spot of fundraising and publicity for global ceasefire initiative, Peace One Day. Remy’s keen eyes scanned the horizon, looking for the perfect torso that was last spotted on a boat in the middle of the ocean wearing nothing but a similar pair of white Dolce & Gabbanas…

Resplendent in the beautiful surroundings of Chinawhite Rock The Polo, the mighty specimen that is known across the world as David Gandy swept into Remy’s midst, surrounded by other god-like creatures, all of whom belonged to the genetically blessed family that goes by the name ‘Select Models’. Remy approached David Gandy…and showed him his pants. The Gander’s breathless, parted lips whispered the words, “Mr Gandy, would you do us the honour of emblazoning your symbol on these smalls”. To which Mr Gandy replied, “Of course! Anything for Golden Goose PR.” Aaahh!

And so it came to pass that the ultimate object of cotton desire was created – a pair of white Dolce and Gabbana undies, signed by the beautiful David Gandy himself. Remy returned to base exhilarated ….and more than a little excited, to say the least.


If you think that Remy was the only Goose having adventures at the polo, then think again. Back at the ranch, (or rather, the splendid, breathtaking superstructure that was the Chinawhite Rock The Polo marquee, created by genius events agency GSP) Laura Lou and Felicity were sticking 29 candles on to Sam Young’s birthday cake. Sure enough, our favourite London DJ was about to get another year older and we planned to surprise him with a birthday cake created by Mimi’s Bakery and presented by Mark Ronson as the pair swapped sets. At 7.55, the countdown began: David Benett and Richard Young jumped on to a platform positioned by the DJ booth to get the best pictures and Flick and Laura Lou went and tapped Mark Ronson on the bum (they were meant to touch his shoulder. Mark, we apologise – but you didn’t complain at the time!), handed him the cake and we were off…

Sam seemed genuinely surprised and delighted – and the pictures went all over the UK media. The Sun, Closer Magazine, Reveal, Star and even Grazia used the photos. We even shared our cake with Kelly Brook, we just wish she’d eaten more than we did!

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