December 18, 2008

A Bit of Good Clean Fun….

Golden Goose PR has been lucky enough to generate a vast amount of coverage for our clients this year, but perhaps our favourite ever piece is from Kate Walsh’s Prufrock, just before Glastonbury 08. We had the bright idea to approach Comet to suggest that we bring the brand to the festival. Our plan was to create a mobile ‘My Beautiful Launderette’ – with only very subtle Comet branding, natch. Oh, and we’d have SWAT teams (err…ourselves) racing out to rescue mud-soaked victims and clean them up all nice and pretty. We’d use low temperature washes, environmentally friendly detergents and educate the great unwashed in the ways of eco-friendly, good clean living. OK, so it was slightly an excuse to get the whole team knee deep in mud whilst we pranced around to Neil Diamond and The Ting Tings. But anyway, Comet loved it. And so did Hugh Robertson and the lovely people at RPM, the ultimate experiential marketing agency that specialises in marrying brands with festivals. We had some inspired meetings, plans were hatched – but Michael Eavis probably quite rightly put his foot down. It’s all ever so slightly about the dirt, after all. We still went to Glastonbury, but on a jolly, rather than a mission. But we did happen to mention our little idea to the Sunday Times… anyway…it’s a great plan that couldn’t happen this year..but that’s not to say there’s not another way…festival planners for 2009 take note…

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