January 14, 2010

Cluuk going up in Style

Over the weekend a flurry of fashionistas, disco dancers and pyjama lovers indulging in Sunday Times Style were transfixed by the latest trend to hit the net.

A new lifestyle bible founded by Kate Moss with tips from Dame Viv? No. The star of our tale is a different breed entirely (and species for that matter).

Cluuk, the Buff Orpington rooster could be found flying high in the barometer alongside Russell Crowe and Lanvin’s kitten courts. The feathered fowl is giving away free cash at www.cluuk.com and there is absolutely no catch. All you have to do is click! Who can say no money pro gratis? Style readers certainly cannot, especially if it can justify another splurge on Net-a-Porter.

On Sunday alone 11,000 happy cluukers made a bid for the treasure resulting in over one million clicks, many tired fingers and a very happy rooster.

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