December 14, 2011

The Snow Queen casts a spell over the heart of the City

In early December, as excited children eagerly opened advent calendars and edited letters to Santa, a magical spell was cast over the Square Mile.

Christmas in the City was the brainchild of the Cheapside Initiative. For the very first time the Dickensian thoroughfare became a traffic free zone as a Bollywood Brass Band, St. Paul’s Choir and mince pie enthusiasts came together for a day of festive retail Nirvana.

Further delights were in store at luxury shopping and dining destination the Royal Exchange.

Visitors to the Grade 1 listing building were invited to open a magical jewellery box and awaken an enchanted Snow Queen who lay sleeping inside. Situated between the pillars of the main entrance, the art deco box – over-spilling with pearls and trinkets large enough to grace the necks of a giant – had a spell cast over it every hour, when the Snow Queen rose from her wintry slumber and danced for all to see. Bustling shoppers could not help but be distracted as the Snow Queen ballerina pirouetted to the Nutcracker Suite, illuminating the heart of the City.

Golden Goose PR worked with installation artist Emma Winter to build the gigantic jewellery box and bring the City to life. Please visit Emma’s site to see more of her fantastic creations.

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