December 3, 2009

Delivering a magical Christmas with

For Christmas 2009, Golden Goose PR has been busy managing two bumper-packed celebrity diaries….those of Stan and Ollie Snow, the two snowmen who star in the TV ads.

Stan and Ollie have accepted invitations to switch on Christmas lights in Kings Lynn and Portsmouth and they’ve even been asked to the O.K! Magazine Christmas Party. The most exciting event in their diary so far however has been driving their very own sleigh to Hawkhurst in Kent, where they visited the home of Debbie and David Weeks.

Debbie and David have four children, eight cats and a big reason to celebrate this Christmas – they’ve found a miracle cure called the ‘Lightning Treatment’ that has helped two of their daughters overcome M.E. When Stan and Ollie heard this news, they wanted to make a personal visit with a sack full of presents, all chosen from Debbie’s wishlist that she emailed to the site.

It was Golden Goose PR’s pleasure to personally escort Stan and Ollie on their mission in a rather large transit van.

From visiting the Weeks family, we whisked our snowmen on to Maidstone to visit the children’s ward of Maidstone Hospital with armfuls of toys packed in to Woolies’ despatch sacks.

It was a very full, but very rewarding day with a great deal of attention from the local media in Kent. Stan and Ollie are now resting for a few days before they embark on further guest star appearances across the country next week!

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