January 6, 2009

A hat trick of fashion coverage for Pineapple

With fitness being the order of the day in these recession riddled times, our client Pineapple couldn’t be having a better January. Spangly exercise bags, sexy little legwarmers and bendy, stretchy lycra are flying off the shelves – and it’s no surprise, seeing as our PR efforts continue to reel in the coverage. This morning’s ‘This Morning’ show featured Pineapple Dancewear’s leggings and legwarmers, complete with on-screen credits. And just now, a very happy Remy Le Fevre has returned from Smith’s clutching this week’s Look and Woman magazines, complete with beautiful bountiful Pineapple products aplenty.

You can find Laura Lou and Felicity working both these looks at Virgin Active on High Street Kensington at least once a week…

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