April 1, 2009

Paper and Print

The team at Golden Goose PR is extremely fond of interior design, so it is with delight that we are embarking on a PR drive to decorate the nation’s walls with Bloompapers. A new online supplier of wall art, Bloompapers is all about colour, style and creativity and it works with contemporary European artists, whose designs are used as the basis for each print. There’s an eclectic mix, ranging from playful cartoon robots and sketches of the female silhouette, to typography and striking photographs of the natural world. Some of our favourites are Billboard by Blue Perez, a British photographer and devoted traveler, who creates art, illustration and stock imagery from light, pixels, paint and imagination. We also love this tree silhouette by Oona Culley, whose shadow installations are displayed in Terminal Five. Bloompapers has something to fit any style and space, bringing walls to life with an original work of art.

On the Bloompapers site, you’ll also see Bloom Images, including graphic design, photography and illustration from the iconic New York skyline and Union Jack to fresh bread and orchids. Bloom Wallpaper is an imaginative selection of patterns to bring a touch of inimitable cool.

With the nation in a seemingly permanent state of doom and gloom, wallpaper is back on the scene and Bloompapers has arrived to help us fall back in love with the walls around us.

Right! Enough gushing. We’re off to commission some Golden Goose PR wallpaper of all our favourite coverage….it’s just as well we’re in a very tall building with a lot of blank wall space….

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