May 6, 2010

Go Go Goose

So after five months of pounding her local pavements and a last minute massage on some worryingly tight hamstrings, Golden Goose PR’s most active member of staff Laura Lou Hind found herself standing at the starting line of the 30th London Marathon.

After getting her breath back she remarked; “I had heard people rave about what an amazing experience taking part in the marathon is but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of friendly camaraderie and support I received as one of 35,000 runners (omitting poor Gordon Ramsay who had to pull out at 20 miles!!). Seeing my friends and family at various points (19 miles being my ‘wall’) made it even more worthwhile as did the £700 I knew I was raising for my chosen charity the Blue Cross! Definitely one of the most incredible things I have ever done… bring on the Marathon Des Sables!”

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