September 10, 2013

slow time is here!

slow time is here

PR people have got to be pretty efficient at meeting deadlines. So what are we doing launching a slow watch?

The idea, created by Chris Noerskau and Corvin Lask, is to bring time keeping back to basics. Forget the seconds, forget the minutes. Just watch the hour hand as it moves across a 24-hour dial, and you’ll begin to enjoy a slower pace of life, where the day has a natural flow.

We’ve all been wearing one and so far, we’re loving it. Who starts meetings at 9.08, or 3.17?

Not us!

Check out our favourite from the new slow watch collection. All priced £190-£230, Swiss-made, with quartz movement, 100m water resistant, stainless steel.

What head turners they are – and already in the Evening Standard trend watch spot!


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