May 9, 2014

George Clooney may be taken, but you can now date the next closest thing!

Our client Beautiful recently attracted headlines in the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and Metro boasting over 100 celebrity look-a-likes across their online dating platform.
With 21 Adam Levine look-a-likes, 19 like Rihanna, 12 Angelina copies, 9 Brad Pitt and Tom Cruises, 6 George Clooneys, 5 Megan Foxes and 4 almost Ryan Goslings, Beautiful is the dating site that offers it all.
Check out some of the fantastic look-a-likes you could find if you joined Beautiful People–> click here.
It is estimated that around half of the population in London aged between 20-59 are single and ready to mingle, which is why there is no better time to try your luck on the prestigious dating website. However, contestants be aware that this involves a 48 hour voting process by existing members before entry is gained. 
So if you are Eva waiting for your Ryan, Drake singing for your Rihanna or Mrs. Smith fighting for your Mr. Smith, Beautiful is just a click away.

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