January 19, 2010

Surviving Blue Monday

So the nest and its gaggle of geese survived another Blue Monday – phew!

Known as the most depressing day of the year, Monday 19th Jan passed us by as we eagerly anticipated the second instalment of our new favourite show Glee!

TV schedulers must have decided that Glee, with its sugar coated combination of good-guy teacher, choirs, misfits, sing-along sounds and pack-a-punch script was ripe for a January audience in need of some cheer.

The Sun’s Bizarre, not known for its cheesetastic music taste has bitten the bullet and is hosting exclusive audio content from the show so you can listen in before it airs on E4.

Even Radio 1 is giving it the sign of approval by adding songs to their coveted playlist.

E4 isn’t missing a trick either with downloads of tracks featured available after the show, we know, we’ve done it and now, if anyone enters the office with anything less than a smile on a cold January morning they are forced to sit in Glee corner and sing until they can’t wipe the smirk from their face.

Rumour has it that Hollywood’s finest are battering down the doors of William McKinley High hoping for a piece of the action. Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore and now Jennifer Lopez have apparently showed their interest and Olivia Newton-John is scheduled to do a number with Jane Lynch.

Faced with the prospect of a further six Glee-free days before our next instalment, we will pass the time with Youtube sing-alongs – Jazz hands at the ready.

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