March 25, 2013

Launching the world’s first 100% recycled plastic cup – the coverage continues!

It’s wonderful to be able to launch a product or discovery that is genuinely a first-to-market.

It’s even better when the invention is 100% sustainable and a giant step in the direction of greener, earth friendlier living.

For that reason, we’re proudly cheering on our client, Invicta Plastics Ltd, the British design and mould specialist that invented the plastic ruler, the first ever pop memorabilia (for The Beatles and The Hollies) and the fake pearl. Because Invicta has beaten global competition to create the world’s first rigid, food-safe products from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET), lids and milk cartons (HDPE).

The breakthroughs have taken almost four years of research and millions of pounds of investment in the new technology and we’ve been announcing this over the past week with some brilliant articles in the Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Independent and the ‘i’.

With Invicta’s incredible discoveries, any brand can now consider using high quality recycled plastics before virgin polymers for a very wide range of product manufacturing – watch this spot for more announcements and partnerships.

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