September 15, 2008

News from ‘the Nest’

It’s been a busy week on the news front in the nest, with most of our clients and even us Geese scoring some serious column inches.

Covering a broad spectrum of media; from kids’ classic The Beano (where we even managed to get Dennis the Menace swinging a golf club in support of adventure golf client Jurassic Encounter), through to celebrity bible OK! Magazine where Virgin Active glided in with a full page spread on the latest fitness craze.

Verlocke! also got a hair raising shock too, when we placed their first piece of coverage in More magazine and it had their phones ringing off the hook; with over 250 enquiries within 48 hours of publication! Signing up Rachel Coyle (little sis to Girls Aloud’s Nadine) as the face of the brand has certainly paid off with coverage in the News Of the World and

And of course, not afraid of the limelight ourselves, we Geese were quizzed, coiffed and shot at for a feature in The Sunday Times Style about recycling fashion.

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